About Briight

Providing Legal Transperancy for Contract Professionals

Founded in 2020, and operating out of Copenhagen, Denmark, Briight’s purpose is to empower contract professionals to make the best possible decisions in their drafting, negotiation, and management of contracts.

We envision a world where professional collaboration is easy and natural, building the foundation for thriving business relationships – to make professional collaboration within and between companies easy. We do so by providing the means and information for making the best possible legal and business decisions.

We aim to develop the most accessible and user-friendly contract solution, providing businesses and their employees a powerful tool for legal decision-making. The solution enables optimal professional collaboration by providing unprecedented overview and insight into contract data, enabling employees to easily access relevant information.

Companies face unnecessary legal risk and costs due to contract professionals not having a full overview of legal agreements made in emails. Through our solution, Nexus, we provide contract professionals a central point of access to the connections between emails and contracts, for full legal context and transparency.

Our Team

Martin Crillesen

Martin Crillesen

CEO/Business Developer

5 years experience bringing innovative software-solutions to market

Manus Dennison

Manus Dennison

Product Owner

5 years experience advising on the benefits and use of LegalTech-solutions

Our development team is made up of 3 highly skilled and experienced software developers, with a combined 60 years of experience developing enterprise software-solutions. They are experts in the fields of IT Architecture, Project Management, UI & UX, and AI & NLP.

You can find them here on LinkedIn: 

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UI&UX Designer →

Data Scientist →

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