Building the Future

of Contract Intelligence

Closing Deals Faster

Our solution supports contract professionals, such as the Procurement, Sales, and Legal departments, in negotiating and closing contracts faster. We do this by continuously monitoring contracts and business relationships. This enables our solution to create recommendations for adjustments in the contracts and legal processes to get from contract creation to execution faster, and in a more timely manner.

Access Contract Insights

The solution provides direct and easy access to contract insights through Office 365 add-ins, right at the fingertips of contract professionals. This enables on-the-go contract and clause comparisons across contracts, presentation of contract information and content relevant to the role or function of the employee working on the contract, and readily available knowledge about agreements made concerning the contract.

Instant Contract Overview

Legal professionals will have instant access to a holistic and complete overview of contracts and all related legal agreements. Business relationships are particularly difficult to keep track of, as many legal agreements and contract addendums are written in emails or attached to them. Our solution connects all legal agreements – contracts, emails, and addendums – in order to keep track of business relationships.

Founded in 2020, and operating out of Copenhagen, Denmark, Briight’s purpose is to make best practice contractual business relationships the global standard, by empowering employees to make the best possible decisions in their drafting, negotiation and management of contracts. To achieve this, Briight offers a cloud based platform that enables optimal professional collaboration by providing unprecedented overview and insight into contract data, enabling employees to easily access the information that is relevant to them. This is done by utilizing state of the art artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP). At Briight we combine business acumen, technology expertise, and design capabilities, in order to deliver the most accessible and user friendly contract solution. Briight provides businesses and their employees a powerful tool for improving their contracts, enabling efficient contract collaboration across and beyond the organization, while maintaining a complete and holistic overview of each contract at all times.

The website will be updated as our solution matures.

Martin Hebsgaard Crillesen
Commercial Director

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